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GRAND LAKE marketing

A design agency developing cost-effective Digital Marketing solutions that are unique to your business, that promote business growth, and that put you ahead of your competition.


Content Design

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3D Illustration – 23rd Psalm prepared for Little Hands Book. Published for the Kindle and sold at Amazon.


We built upon our experience in developing multi-page full-color magazines to create Little Hands Book. Some of the artwork is shown at our Little Hands Book website.

Event Flyers and Mailers

Flyers and mailers are another part of our Pixel Perfect Graphic Design program. They can be set up for printing or PDF’s for inclusion in emails and other forms of electronic distribution.


Lottie Animation

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words so here you are. 

Lottie vector animations are very modern and their use will definitely move your website beyond the competition. Lottie’s enable line art animation, character-based animations, and dynamic logo animations.


An in-development Lottie animation project.


GIF Animation

GIF Animation

Animated GIF’s are essentially a mini video, with no sound, that can be watched from start to finish in as little as one or two seconds in a simple, auto-looping fashion.

HTML5 Animation

Sample in develoment.